The Team

Bob handles technical art and level design. Mesh-work, modular assets, shaders, particle systems, sounds, and level specific work is his responsibility. Beyond this, Bob also writes the story for the game and functions as Design Lead, which means that he has the responsibility of interfacing with non-art related contributors to the project.
Red is a 2D artist that handles the majority of the textures in The Old City. He also is responsible for the art direction in general. Being the Art Director of the project, Red is tasked with interfacing with the various other artists who have helped us (and continue to do so) along the way.
Pyra is our major support artist who handles both 3D and 2D assets. A huge portion of our non-modular assets (anything that isn't structural) is being created by Pyra.
Smooth is our programmer. He also designed this website and is actively involved in working with Bob on the story side of the project.
Atrium Carceri
Specializing in 24bit dark ambient music, Atrium Carceri runs the label Cryo Chamber. His work is incredible, and he inspires other artists to follow in his steps. We are extremely fortunate to have him working with us as a composer. Check out his work in the trailer!
Ryan Cooper
The enormously talented Ryan Cooper is responsible for the fantastic narration of the game. Check out his work in the trailer!
Alex Michajlow
The lovely ambient sounds throughout the game are being created by Alex.
Another great support artist, NFWar is responsible for creating a lot of the organic or natural objects in the game.
A professional sculptor, Supa handles almost everything that is, in fact, a sculpture. Statues, busts, and other sculpted static objects are his work.

Other Contributors